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QuickSlide Peel/ Transfers Pizza, Non-Stick

QuickSlide Peel/ Transfers Pizza, Non-Stick

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Natural Material:

  • Made of strong and durable wood.
  • No paint or odour, ensuring safety for food contact.
  • Not easy to crack.

  • No Sticking:

    • Prevents runaway toppings and odd-shaped pies.
    • Ideal for lifting pizzas, cakes, bread, cupcakes, or muffin pans out of the oven.
    • Keeps hands and arms away from the heat.

Easy to Clean:

  • Simply rinse with water and wipe dry with a cloth.


  • Features a hanging hole on the bottom of the handle for easy drying and storage.
  • Saves space in your kitchen.



  • Lightweight and durable design.
  • Perfect for serving pizzas, breads, and cakes from the stove or grill.
  • Versatile for various cooking creativity.

 How to use how to use it:

  • Note on Color:

    • Due to different production batches, the color of the base plate may vary.
    • Color differences do not affect the usage.
    • Please refer to the picture for reference.
  • Specifications:

    • Color: Wood Color
    • Material: Wooden
    • Sizes:
      • 20x45cm
      • 60x30cm


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